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Jobless migrants to be denied housing benefit in further crackdown
Theresa May and Iain Duncan Smith say further restriction of benefit rules targets those 'trying to exploit the system'.
The Guardian - Posted 20/01/2014

Benefits test: Labour pledge maths and English quiz for unemployed
The Labour Party has pledged to stop unemployment benefit for people who fail a maths and English test or who refuse to take part in training.
24 Housing - Posted 20/01/2014

Jobless migrants to be DENIED housing benefit: Ministers insist UK's generous welfare system will no longer be a magnet for citizens of other EU states
New rules mean EU arrivals claiming jobseeker's allowance will not be able to receive housing benefit as well.
Mail Online - Posted 20/01/2014

No housing benefit for unemployed EU migrants from April
Unemployed European Union migrants will no longer be able to claim housing benefit from April, ministers have announced.
Inside Housing - Posted 20/01/2014

Jobless migrants lose housing cash
Jobless immigrants will be denied housing benefits under plans set out by senior ministers to tackle immigration and prevent people exploiting the UK's welfare system.
Belfast Telegraph - Posted 20/01/2014

'Bedroom tax' test cases considered
Disabled people are taking their legal challenge to the Government's so-called "bedroom tax" to the Court of Appeal.
Belfast Telegraph - Posted 20/01/2014

Benefits 'to be stripped from immigrants who cannot speak English'
David Cameron intends to make the cuts in order to slash the country’s welfare bill, according to reports.
The Telegraph (register) - Posted 20/01/2014

Sixty Icon Housing benefit ban for jobless migrants, say ministers
Jobless migrants from within the European Union will be denied access to housing benefit from April this year, senior government ministers have said.
BBC - Posted 20/01/2014

Clegg supports garden city plans
The Government must be "honest and upfront" about plans to build new garden cities in south east England, Nick Clegg has said.
London Evening Standard - Posted 20/01/2014

Now Labour gets tough with curb on jobs benefit: Unemployed who fail basic English and maths tests would lose handouts
Jobseekers who fail basic English and maths tests would lose their benefits if they refused training under Labour plans unveiled today.
Mail Online - Posted 20/01/2014

Speak English or lose benefits: Cameron to stop payouts to immigrants who use taxpayer-funded translators
David Cameron plans to strip welfare handouts from immigrants who cannot speak English.
Mail Online - Posted 20/01/2014

Two new garden cities could be built to solve the UK's housing crisis
Communities ­Secretary Eric Pickles said: "We could produce a garden city or two, providing they're in places people want."
Mirror co uk - Posted 20/01/2014

Jobless immigrants WILL be denied housing benefit under new Government plans
Ministers want to stop Britain's welfare system being a draw for citizens.
Mirror co uk - Posted 20/01/2014

Jobless on benefits should learn basic skills or lose their benefits say Labour
If Labour wins election anyone claiming benefits for more than six weeks will get a basic skills test to see if they can read, write and speak English.
Mirror co uk - Posted 20/01/2014

Sixty Icon We'll build two new garden cities to tackle the country's housing crisis, says Pickles
Eric Pickles has confirmed that two 'garden cities' could be built in the south east in a bid to tackle Britain's housing crisis.
Mail Online - Posted 20/01/2014

A chancellor who raises the minimum wage can lower it too
The Low Pay Commission is supposed to advise the government on the minimum wage, but George Osborne seems to be taking over the job. This may not necessarily be a good thing.
The Guardian - Posted 20/01/2014

Sixty Icon Exclusive: Labour will make jobless take maths and English tests
Shadow minister tells ‘The Independent’ those who refuse training will lose benefits.
The Independent - Posted 20/01/2014

We want to build 'a garden city or two' says Eric Pickles
The Government wants to build “a garden city or two”, Eric Pickles says.
The Telegraph (register) - Posted 20/01/2014

European migrants 'will be denied housing benefit if they are on job-seekers allowance'
People moving to this country from Europe who are unable to find work will be denied housing benefit, according to two senior Conservative cabinet members.
The Independent - Posted 20/01/2014

Labour would make jobseeker's allowance claimants take skills courses
Rachel Reeves to confirm claimants would have to take English and maths courses as condition of getting benefit.
The Guardian - Posted 20/01/2014

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