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Sixty Icon What we talk about when we talk about fraud
There are two tactics in the welfare reform debate that I’d like to call a moratorium on.
Shelter Policy Blog - Posted 24/02/2014

Leeds City Council take a stand against high cost lending
Despite the payday loan industry promising to clean up its behaviour, Citizens Advice evidence shows that payday lenders have broken their promises.
Citizens Advice - Posted 24/02/2014

Government should not scrap emergency welfare fund
Future funding of local welfare schemes is uncertain but we cannot allow it to wither on the vine, says Peabody welfare benefits adviser Danny Hardie.
Peabody Trust - Posted 24/02/2014

Sixty Icon Priti Patel MP: The bishops are blind to the moral message of IDS's gospel of work
The programme of welfare reform and changes to the benefits system being implemented by Iain Duncan Smith will bring about lasting and positive change to Britain.
Conservative Home - Posted 24/02/2014

Sixty Icon Opinion: Will the value for money standard really deliver value for money? - Alistair McIntosh
We have learned our lesson. I think everyone will meet the value for money standard next time.
24 Housing - Posted 24/02/2014

Would ending unpopular benefits test contract really solve the problem?
What will happen to the much-maligned contractor that carries out the government’s work capability assessments which determine whether a sick or disabled person is fit for work or needs long-term disability benefit?
The Spectator - Posted 24/02/2014

Sixty Icon The 2015 Election and Housing Standards
The next year will be a defining one in the history of UK housing. In March (?) we expect to hear from the Housing Standards Review that there will be a once-in-a-generation set of changes to housing standards.
rory bergin's blog - Posted 24/02/2014

Sixty Icon Why we won't build smaller homes just to clean up the mess of the bedroom tax - Ian Munro
Ministers want more one-bed homes – but these will last for 100 years while the bedroom tax may already be on its last legs.
Guardian Housing Network - Posted 24/02/2014

Chancellor's budget must tackle national housing crisis - Grainia Long
Yesterday's house-building figures provided further confirmation, if any was needed, that we are a long way from tackling our national housing crisis.
Govtoday - Posted 24/02/2014

Sixty Icon Regeneration means taking the long view
Regeneration funding must be focused on education, infrastructure and creating the conditions for the private sector.
Wales Online - Posted 24/02/2014

Sixty Icon Moralizing destitution - Alex Marsh
Now the clergy are involved. That adds a whole new dimension to the debate.
Medium - Posted 24/02/2014

Sixty Icon The North is still not feeling this recovery – and the Conservatives are likely to pay for that at the polls
There has been little pick-up recently in house price to earnings ratios.
The Independent - Posted 24/02/2014

Sixty Icon I grew up in poverty. So I know for a fact that the scars left on children do not easily heal
Today, in the seventh-richest country in the world, this government is on an ideological mission to punish and degrade the poor.
The Independent - Posted 24/02/2014

Sixty Icon Opinion: UK must take action to boost housing supply
The transformation of Britain’s housing market in the past twelve months has been remarkable.
Mail Online - Posted 24/02/2014

Sixty Icon Plans to relax building regulations in our national parks will spell disaster
A proposal to make building in our national parks easier threatens the landscape and a fragile rural economy.
The Guardian - Posted 24/02/2014

Bedroom Tax – the Court of Appeal loss is useful as it makes you THINK?
Be Machiavellian, sod morality, ignore the disability lobby’s and use any lawful means to and end to get rid of the bedroom tax. Controversial enough for you reader?
SPeye - Posted 24/02/2014

Jon Ress: A proper economic recovery needs pay increases
Well, do you feel better off? Does it seem like a Goldilocks economic recovery from where you’re sitting? That’s one where the pace and kind of recovery is ‘not too hot, not too cold, but just right’.
Mail Online - Posted 23/02/2014

Missing out on rising property prices? Invest in a 'housing Isa'
Housa is controversial fund promising the same returns as the Halifax house price index.
The Guardian - Posted 23/02/2014

Successful bedroom tax cases by appeal reasons here to download
Please find below a quick table of some of the successful bedroom tax appeals and I have tabled them with quick comments on the right hand side so if you are looking for an appeal argument on room size or room usage etc you can go straight to that appeal judgment.
Welfare Writes - Posted 23/02/2014

Rewind TV: Benefits Street: The Last Word; Benefits Britain: The Debate; Bunkers, Brutalism and Bloodymindedness: Concrete Poetry; True Detective – review
The last word on Channel 4's Benefits Street should go not to a chaotic studio debate but to the people who live there.
The Guardian - Posted 23/02/2014

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