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Sixty Icon Draughty homes and rising bills– the reality on the front line
Fuel poverty is a real issue for our clients and more than 5 million households in the UK. Here is some feedback from City South Manchester Housing Trust with some of these issues. We thought it would be useful to share their thoughts on fuel poverty.
Sustainable Homes - Posted 15/01/2014

Sixty Icon Why good housing helps prevent child poverty
Housing is both a major part of the problem and the solution in stopping the rise in child poverty.
Guardian Housing Network - Posted 15/01/2014

Sixty Icon Social Mobility: Lift going up, doors closing, going down, doors wide open; any volunteers?
It is rare for Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee and Prime Minister David Cameron to agree, but this has happened.
Discover Society - Posted 15/01/2014

Real recovery still long way off as householders continue to feel economic squeeze
Mirror business editor Graham Hiscott says it will take more than a small fall in official inflation to end the current cost of living crisis.
Mirror co uk - Posted 15/01/2014

James Moore: Housing market still needs support to build sales
Countrywide, the property services company that is an estate agent, a surveyor, and a letting agent (so everything to do with houses apart from the building of them) is sitting pretty.
The Independent - Posted 15/01/2014

Sixty Icon Is inflation really falling? Not in my weekly shop
Officially, the cost of living is under control. So why doesn't it feel like that?
The Independent - Posted 15/01/2014

Why suburbia snobs are wrong
Popular culture depictions continue to accentuate an image of the suburban environment as a tasteless mass devoid of critical thought. It's time to put those stereotypes to bed.
The Guardian - Posted 15/01/2014

Benefits Street residents give mixed reaction to second episode
Anger that series does not present 'fair picture' of life on Birmingham street mixes with sympathy for Romanians profiled.
The Guardian - Posted 15/01/2014

Sixty Icon Sweeping solution
Can the European Union offer a solution for homelessness where the government has failed, asks Heather Spurr.
Inside Housing - Posted 15/01/2014

Sixty Icon Four wins and a future challenge
Paul looks at four ways the organisation made a real difference in 2013 - and explains why we need to push even harder this year!
Homeless Link - Posted 15/01/2014

Sixty Icon Bedroom tax plans are a levy on the grief of the poor
When I lost my son, preserving his room for a while was a help. But poor and grieving families may soon be denied this choice.
The Guardian - Posted 15/01/2014

Sixty Icon How a housing law loophole went viral and forced bedroom tax change
I realised the power of social media when my housing regulation analysis post on Rightsnet made the government change tack.
The Guardian - Posted 15/01/2014

Sixty Icon Who should pay for social care services?
Does it make sense to have separate funding systems for health and social care? And what should be the balance between the individual and the state in funding services?
The King's Fund - Posted 14/01/2014

Re-imagining Regeneration – our Empty Homes Doctor is speaking at the National Housing Federation Conference
We’re keen to get the word out about what we’re doing at Leeds Empties – exploring a range of creative approaches – in particular our Empty Homes Doctor service – to bring more empty homes back into use.
Leeds Empties - Posted 14/01/2014

Sixty Icon 5000 pre 96 cases DWP – hahahahaha!
DWP estimated no more than 5000 pre 96 exempt case. I estimated 40,000 a big difference.
SPeye - Posted 14/01/2014

Sixty Icon Two cheers for the Chancellor
Matthew Warburton, policy advisor at ARCH, argues the case for the financial capacity of councils to build new homes.
Local Authority Building & Maintenance - Posted 14/01/2014

Are rising rents stopping young people moving to cities?
Rising rents combined with Britain’s housing shortage are pricing young people out of areas where jobs are available, claims a new report from campaigners PricedOut.
The Independent - Posted 14/01/2014

Is every bedroom tax decision unlawful?
I put out a post a few weeks back that said all bedroom tax decisions were ‘unlawful’ and the use of that word saw many legal professionals take offence at that term.
SPeye - Posted 14/01/2014

Benefits Street by Chris Handy
The Channel 4 documentary Benefits Street aired once again last night (Monday, 13 January), focusing on people living in one particular street in Birmingham – a city where we work.
Accord Housing Association - Posted 14/01/2014

Sixty Icon Hardest word - Jules Birch
A remarkable thing happened yesterday: Iain Duncan Smith used a five-letter word beginning with S.
Inside Housing - Posted 14/01/2014

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