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Arrears? Save your tears
Does the thought of rent arrears make your stomach churn?
National Landlords Association - Posted 20/01/2014

Sixty Icon More optimism, some caution, as all main industry forecasts see construction bounce back
Two more construction forecasts came out over the past week that added to the consensus that suggests construction is set for strong growth up to the General Election.
Brickonomics - Posted 20/01/2014

Sixty Icon Calm and control
Tackling anti-social behaviour in stairwells is an ongoing issue for landlords. Ohid Ahmed explains the impact of using patrol dogs in a pilot.
Inside Housing - Posted 20/01/2014

Sixty Icon Making the case for ALMOs
Which is the first housing body to have its ‘housing manifesto’ ready for the coming election campaign? Hats off to the National Federation of ALMOs, which published its manifesto this week, making the case for investment in council housing and specifically for the added value given by arms length management companies.
Red Brick - Posted 20/01/2014

Sixty Icon A double whammy
Before we’ve even sat down Lyn has started to tell me her story and can barely contain her rage.
As Rare as Rubies - Posted 20/01/2014

Sixty Icon The chequered history of housing asylum seekers
Ever since numbers of asylum seekers began to shoot upwards in the late 1990s, government support has had two conflicting objectives: complying with international obligations to care for the victims, while at the same time deterring as many asylum seekers as possible from coming here.
Migrants' Rights Network - Posted 20/01/2014

Sixty Icon Opening the gates to new Garden Cities - David Montague
On the back of Boris' plans for forty-two thousand new homes every year in London, new garden cities within commuting distance from London will go a long way towards relieving the Capital's pressure valve.
L&Q Group - Posted 20/01/2014

'We could do so much more'
As the 2015 general election approaches social housing organisations must work together to make sure housing gets the political attention and resources it needs, says National Federation of ALMOs policy director Chloe Fletcher.
Chartered Institute of Housing - Posted 20/01/2014

Sixty Icon Garden griping - Jules Birch
So Nick would like two, Eric (through clenched teeth) one or two, Emma five and Boris none. It’s time to play the garden cities game.
Inside Housing - Posted 20/01/2014

Cleggton Keynes in England's rolling hills? No thanks, Nick
We don’t need any new 'garden’ cities. London’s brownfield sites can solve the housing crisis.
The Telegraph (register) - Posted 20/01/2014

Sixty Icon 3 Things We Should Learn From Benefits Street
Apart from the unfortunate title, Benefits Street is pretty good.
Paul Taylor - Posted 20/01/2014

Should Britain help migrants go home?
Balvinder Saund, an east London councillor, is helping destitute Punjabi migrants return to India. Critics argue she should be helping them put their British dream back on track.
The Guardian - Posted 20/01/2014

Sixty Icon TV property expert Amanda Lamb: In 30 years, only the rich will be able to buy a house
The presenter and former estate agent tells Tom Parry why it is becoming increasingly difficult for first-time buyers to get on the property ladder.
Mirror co uk - Posted 20/01/2014

Sixty Icon Beware false prophets
As the Lyons Commission starts its work, plenty of ‘solutions’ to the housing crisis will be put forward, especially ones that purport to allow more investment in social housing at little extra cost in subsidy or borrowing.
Red Brick - Posted 20/01/2014

IDS and British jobs for British workers
Any doubts that Iain Duncan Smith’s crusade against welfare dependency is having the desired effect should be dispelled by an extraordinary set of figures published today.
Mail Online - Posted 20/01/2014

Check those hidden costs of mortgage incentives
We all love freebies – but don't forget that lenders need to make money. By Chiara Cavaglieri and Julian Knight.
The Independent - Posted 20/01/2014

Sixty Icon I set up Parasite Street to balance the benefits debate
Subsidies to the rich cost us much more than benefit fraud.
The Independent - Posted 20/01/2014

How to rescue the UK's middle classes
Sidelined by the mega-rich, the middle classes really are under severe threat. To survive, they will have to carve a new niche for themselves.
The Guardian - Posted 20/01/2014

Sixty Icon Our housing is in crisis – we need both brownfield and greenfield sites - Chris Huhne
The tougher the planning controls, the higher the house prices. We must ease restrictions in our cities and in the countryside.
The Guardian - Posted 20/01/2014

Sixty Icon This 'urban vibrancy' is really social cleansing
This sinister new form of gentrification welcomes buy-to-let investors and young professionals but squeezes out the poor.
The Guardian - Posted 20/01/2014

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