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Why a living wage adds up
The catastrophic after-effects of the last Labour government continue to resonate and nowhere is this more true than in the benefits culture it created, in which some people now believe they have a right to live off the state.
Express co uk - Posted 22/01/2014

Sixty Icon Mayor's alterations to London Plan will not tackle housing crisis
Boris is failing to genuinely address London’s housing crisis.
Nicky Gavron AM - Posted 22/01/2014

Sixty Icon Housing the key achievement of the first Labour Government formed 90 years ago today
90 years ago today the first Labour Government was formed. It was a minority government, formed when the biggest party after the December 1923 Election, the Tories, could not gather a majority in the House.
Red Brick - Posted 22/01/2014

Sixty Icon Room for manoeuvre on timing of right to buy abolition, says CIH Scotland
Tenants should not need as much as three years’ notice of the abolition of the right to buy, CIH Scotland is arguing.
HousingNet - Posted 22/01/2014

How to Kill Nightingales and not Build Houses: Insist on building on Brownfields
The planning system is supposed to safeguard amenity, our wild places and the environment.
SERC Blog - Posted 22/01/2014

Bedroom tax takes toll on grieving parents
The Mirror's Real Britain columnist Ros Wynne-Jones describes how some councils are finding ways around penalising people with the hated tax.
Mirror co uk - Posted 22/01/2014

I'm a socialist but, as an NHS doctor, I know Benefits Street is telling the truth about lazy welfare cheats
The Channel 4 documentary Benefits Street has caused uproar. It is a snapshot of an apparently feckless, lawless and broken society, whose members demand benefits as a right.
Mail Online - Posted 22/01/2014

Short-termism in the welfare debate is shortchanging our society
Making access to benefits tougher for young people could be counter-productive.
The Independent - Posted 22/01/2014

Benefits Street: How it feels for those of us who are judged because of our background
Many watch with a comfortable sense of distance. They forget that you are only ever a bad decision away from having to rely on state support.
The Independent - Posted 22/01/2014

Sixty Icon Jack Monroe: 'It's time to focus on the real Benefits Street'
Poor people with TVs and tattoos inspire more anger than MPs with duck houses and moats. But in Westminster the perks of the job, often termed 'benefits', are funded by the taxpayer.
The Guardian - Posted 22/01/2014

Sixty Icon There's no quick fix for the UK's personal debt crisis
Welfare changes mean many councils and housing associations now view debt as a welfare issue rather than a money management problem.
The Guardian - Posted 22/01/2014

Having adult children at home is a blessing, not a curse
My 21-year-old daughter still lives at home. She may be untidy and we keep different hours, but she brings a vibrancy to the house that we'd miss.
The Guardian - Posted 22/01/2014

The truth is we are all living on Benefits Street
Everyone is on the take, and whole industries are on white-collar subsidies. Some of us are just smarter at concealing it.
The Guardian - Posted 22/01/2014

Cost of living? What about the cost of being dead?
The spiralling price of funerals is a symptom of the triumph of the market and the accompanying poverty of civic life.
The Guardian - Posted 22/01/2014

Sixty Icon Why, oh why oh why?
I think Bromford has done a pretty good job of using social media to open itself up and encourage conversations and links across teams, across geographies and across hierarchies.
John Wade - Posted 22/01/2014

Sixty Icon Earls Court: 'village' economics - Dave Hill
New "village" housing to fill the space left by the planned demolition of London's famous Earls Court exhibition centre would contain no affordable homes.
The Guardian - Posted 22/01/2014

Sixty Icon Shifting ground on housing?
Something interesting is happening in the world of housing policy. At least it feels that way in my more optimistic moments.
Alex's Archives - Posted 22/01/2014

Living with your parents as an adult: a survival guide
And this is called washing-up … if you are among the quarter of young adults still living at home with mum and dad, read on.
The Guardian - Posted 22/01/2014

Sixty Icon Have 60,000 families had the bedroom tax wrongly imposed?
Are there 60.000 families who have had the bedroom tax wrongly imposed?
SPeye - Posted 22/01/2014

Can Rachel Reeves change the way we talk about benefits?
In focusing on the wider issues, Reeves offers some hope of changing the increasingly toxic debate around welfare.
The Guardian - Posted 22/01/2014

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