What does 2017 have in store!

OK so I was pretty busy last year and what with no one else being as eloquent as I is when it comes to writing stuff there is a slight gap between the last blog and this one.

Let’s have a recap ….

We launched our Tender & Contract data in June 2016 at CIH Manchester. When I say launched what that actually involved was me wandering round chatting to exhibitors. You would have thought them to be a little miffed but they were very receptive as they hadn’t seen anything like what we were showing them. We’re good with data and as we have a veritable army of researches working away in India we can collect anything and everything that might be of interest. If you didn’t know HousingNet was conceived in Liverpool with help from the Princes Trust and for the last 18 years has been built and compiled from Nagpur India where I have an office and 30 wonderful members of staff.
So our Tender data was released, people were impressed and they bought. This year we’re adding further analysis, BI tools, Bid Management software and lots and lots more data. We also started a Tender Alert Service for companies that didn’t or couldn’t go for the full package – there is no escape from us!

We redesigned our data pages and got better at stripping information annual reports – there are nearly 23,000 records in our library now. We visit every Local Authority website every month collecting Minutes, Planning Applications, Strategic Land Plans and anything else we can lay our hands on. Everything we collect is stripped of useful information and added to our database.

Talking of the database we moved all our large data sets to the Amazon AWS cloud which sped things up a little but more work is required on general coding and code query as we are adding a lot of data every day. The next project, which is nearly finished, is a postcode search which utilises all the data we collect to show what’s going on in your area – we breakdown households, owners, Social Housing in your area, Crime, House Prices / Sales, Planning Applications, average Social and Private rent and other interesting bits and pieces. This is a free service to attract people to the site.

Onwards and upwards people. If you need anything, especially our bank account details, just shout.

Happy 2017

Gaz Summer

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