September Update – Premium Users

A quick round-up of Housingnet activity over the past month.

Banners again

I bang on all the time about banners and I don’t really get why some people don’t send them in. We are now also showing your banners on Housingnet to our HA & LA users – over 2000 have subscribed so far. On average each banner was being shown 455 times last month on the website alone.
The banner dimensions for web and mobile are:
660 x 150px
300 x 250px

They look like this on Housingnet News




Universal Map

Universal Map – New Business This has been awhile coming but it’s finally launched. ‘New Business’ is a new section on the Universal Map which enables clients to display the stock they are contracted to work on shown as a heatmap and then the ability to add the stock markers of up to 3 further Housing Organisations so you can see if you are already working in their area. You can then overlay this data with store locations of the main materials suppliers such as Jewson and Travis Perkins.

But let’s start with something simpler, a client asked this yesterday …..

I need a map of a prospective clients stock and want to show our office locations

Open the map

Select ‘New Business’



Open Select Contractor and search for your company. – This will load the map with the stock owned by the organisations you work with and the contracts we have you working on.

You can turn off ‘Contract Markers’ and ‘Heatmap in the Select Map Feature section.


Now search for up to 3 organisations to display their stock on the map.

If we don’t have all your area offices please send them.

View a Blog on all the Universal Map features here.


Tender Alert Email

You hopefully noticed that we started sending out the daily tenders by email again today. We want you to use BIOD as this is a better system but realise that some of you are still using Tenders Direct and we need to stop this as it’s wasted money.

The new ‘Bulletin’ has Tenders, CANs, Minutes and News and although this week we are sending everything out each day we are moving our email server so we can send information based on your settings in the very near future.





You might have noticed we have changed the search results section so you can link to the relevant page quicker. The ‘Name’ will take you to the ‘Overview’ and the icons open ‘Housing, Finance, Stock Map, News, Tenders & Contracts, Analysis Graphs and the PrintOut.



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