LOCARLA: Contract Table

For all Company, People and Contract searches please move on to the LOCARLA system as it is by far the best way to sort, search and access the data. Try this and you’ll never go back …

Daily Tenders

1. Select ‘Tenders’ from Contract Type, then filter the records based on your requirements.
2. Select a ‘top level’ category to include all results or refine further by selecting specific trades and services.
3. Selected options for each table are displayed and can be edited or deleted. Each search can be saved and will update automatically as new tenders are added each day.
4. The more options you select the more refined your results will be.
5. Tenders are updated every day and tender alerts are sent by email based upon the selections you make.


Competitor Analysis

1. Select ‘Contract Awards’ (or you can just type your keyword).
2. Type a company name or any keyword eg. roofing, boilers, schools
3. All records matching your description will be displayed. For multiple winners hover over the name displayed to see all companies awarded the work.


Pipeline / Expiring Contracts

1. To view contracts expiring within a time frame select the range from ‘Expiring in …’ from the Select Options menu.
2. This search filter is showing all current ‘R&M’ contracts in the North West and North East of England in the Housing and Education sector expiring between 1 and 3 years time.


Table Menu

1. Once you have saved a table it can be accessed from the title drop down by clicking on the arrow.
2. Selecting the ‘house’ icon will make that search the homepage so will open by default whenever you visit the Contract section.


We are continuously working on LOCARLA and release a new update version each Friday and will do until we complete the project.

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