Introducing LOCARLA

Locarla is business intelligence software for organisations & people working with, or in, Housing Associations and Local Authorities. We provide data on Housing, Marketing, Finance, Contracts and Planning & Development.

Our reputation has been built on supplying exceptional data and information since 1997 under our Housingnet brand. Clients also like our customer service too.

There are 3 main tables on Locarla;

  1. Companies – Detailed information on 3118 Housing Associations, Local Authorities & affiliated organisations, contractors & suppliers.
  2. People – 21,000 B2B sector wide contacts
  3. Contracts & Tenders – 42,000 active contracts and daily sales leads specific to the Built Environment.

And a Resources section containing Stock & Contract Mapping, Finance & Housing, Reports, News & Minutes, Planning Applications, Contract Registers, Expenditure Sheets and updated Repairs, Maintenance and Construction League Tables & Market Share Analysis.

Navigation Menus

Select options to filter results
Open the information panel by clicking on a company name
View all data by opening the side panel menu

Save multiple searches

Show / Hide and Move table data columns.

Checking the tick box will add further columns of information or hide columns that you don’t need.

Change the order of the columns by clicking and dragging the 4 dot icon up and down the list. The table will re-order when you hit Save.


Contracts & Tenders

The most accurate and comprehensive repairs, maintenance & construction sales leads in the UK.

Use the ‘Home’ icon to set your Home page search and the Star icon to use as your Daily Tender Alert content. We send Tenders, Contracts, Minutes and News in our Daily Bulletin.

Contract notices open in the right hand panel

Search the Contracts to see what your competitors are working on.

Or view contracts by organisation.


Universal Map

The Universal Map combines our Housing and Contracts Map to create a one stop shop for all our mapping projects.
Mapped Housing Stock
Stock by Local Authority & Ward
Brownfield, Green Belt & Flood Plain overlays
Organisations by Name or Location
Contracts Mapped
Contractors Mapped

Isolated Nottingham City Council housing stock in purple
Floodplain overlay selected showing homes falling in these areas in red
All other HA / LA homes in grey
Brownfield site overlay showing locations in brown.

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