How to view Daily Tender Alerts on your Mobile

Our Premium Tender Alert and News Service is called Business Intelligence On-Demand and works particularly well on mobiles. This is how you access it …..

Open on your mobile phone.

To add a Housingnet icon to your Home Screen read this:

Sign in from the Menu. The Menu icon will change from green to white. BIOD is the landing page where we include Daily Tenders, Contract Award Notices, Minutes & a daily News roundup.

Mobile BIOD


The mobile version of BIOD will show the same information you have set up on the desktop.



You can also change the settings by clicking on the green settings icon.



The same for Contract Award Notices



Minutes are included and you can change the settings to only see Minutes from your areas of interest and the Type of content.



People really like our news service and we go the extra mile with Construction & Maintenance and Planning & Regeneration. Again, just remove the news topics you don’t want to see from the settings.



Click on any Housing Association or Local Authority listed in the contract data to view their details.



We’re here if you need a hand.

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