Housingnet is changing.

LOCARLA is a new system we have been working on which totally changes the way we deliver information to our clients. Built around our core data sets – ‘Companies, People & Contracts’, LOCARLA can be loosely described as a ‘populated CRM’ for the Housing sector.

Since 1997 we have been delivering data predominantly related to housing,  but with the addition of Contract and Business Intelligence data we now cover Housing, Education, Health, Commercial, Government & Garages/Parking – hence, we are also changing our name.

We are not removing anything that currently appears on Housingnet. We have just figured out a way of displaying it in a more user friendly way.

This new system will also enable us to deliver an API service allowing clients to connect our data to their software, such as Salesforce or MS Dynamics. The code we have used to build LOCARLA and its design allows us the flexibility to bolt on other functionality including CRM and Bid Management tools.

The LOCARLA system is based around a central ‘spreadsheet’ of records which can be filtered and then saved. Panels of data are used to explore more detailed information on each housing association, local authority, contractor and supplier.

Active Premium Users can view the LOCARLA project here if you are signed in to Housingnet.



Each ‘Company Name’ is linked to the side panel where we display information relating to each organisation including; Housing, Finance, Contracts, Stock & Contract Mapping.



The tables can be organised by adding and removing data columns and by changing the order of the columns by drag and drop in the Edit Table window.



To filter the table records select the data you want to include from the filter options menu. Checking each box will remove all other records and every search can be saved.

Example searches:
Companies – Housing Associations in Bedfordshire with over 5000 units in management that have Central Heating contracts due to expire next year.

Contracts Table – New tenders in the Housing Sector relating to roofing contracts in the South West of England.



Every saved Contract search builds a Dashboard giving you easy access to an overview of relevant information and the ability to see what your colleagues are working on.



Housingnet is not going anywhere for a while. We will be running both sites in tandem until all the content has been moved across and the functionality completed.

For a single user our Premium Licence to access all our services is £4950 as an annual cost with additional user licences available for £480 pa. You can also pay monthly by direct debit for £475.

The Commercial Licence for ‘Company’ and ‘People’ data which includes stock mapping and development data costs £1150 for a single user and £50 for each additional user.

VAT excluded.

If you would like an on-line demo or a chat about how we can save your company time, money and steal a march on the competition, please get in touch:

Email us at helpdesk@locarla.com or call 0208 772 6426


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