Delivering Accurate Tenders, Contract Awards & Pipeline Data


Tender Alert Service

Where we differ from other Tender & Contract portals is although we Hoover up 100s of public sector tenders everyday we concentrate on the ‘Built Environment’.  We strip each tender of information as we add them to Housingnet. Our clients save time by relying on us to find the relevant Tenders for them based on the selections they have made. We have been benchmarked against Tenders Direct, B2B and Contracts Advance and we are first out with the Tenders and don’t miss any so you can feel confident that you’re seeing every opportunity.

Daily Tenders are sent to clients by email – view an example here and can be accessed through our Business Intelligence On-Demand service or the Current Tenders table.

We check the scope and description of each tender and assign primary and secondary ‘Trades’ rather than use CPV codes as we find them inaccurate. Organising tenders in this way means we can show clients tenders that might be of interest even when they don’t appear so at first glance.



Expiring Contracts & Pipeline Analysis

Our clients want to know when a contract is due to expire, who is currently doing the work, how is the contractor performing and if the contract was extended or looks like it will be extended.
If there is no Contract Award Notice published, which happens a lot, we do the research so we can still answer their questions.

We have an Expiring Contracts table where you can select to view contracts expiring within a time frame that match your areas of interest.
Every Housing Association and Local Authority has a page which lists all the contractors and suppliers working for them along with the contract details.
As well as our Current Tender table, Contract Award table and Expiring Contracts there is a master contract database with over 100,000 tenders, Awards and PIN notices which can be searched in multiple ways for research purposes.




We also produce Pipeline Analysis reports for each region which detail:

  • Contracts Expiring with 1,3 and 5 year time frames
  • Market Share Analysis
  • Average Maintenance costs
  • Clients in the region procuring services
  • Contractors winning the work in the previous 1, 3 and 5 years




Contracts by Organisation

Every Housing Association and Local Authority has a page of information listing current and recent Tenders, all live current contracts (that we know about) and any Frameworks they are running or are involved in. You can see a live example page here.





Frameworks are just as important to us as standard contracts but they are harder to deal with. We split them up to show you which HA/LA specific Frameworks the organisations have and which Consortium Frameworks they are signed up to.

When we can confirm which contractors have been called off the Framework we move it in to the ‘Current Contracts’ section so it can be clearly seen who is doing what for whom.

You can view an example of the Framework tables at the bottom of the linked page.




Minutes also form part of our Tender Alert Service and ‘BIOD‘ and give early insight to upcoming tenders, problems with contracts, new build spending and planning and any other interesting information we can find. We look at all Local Authority (and Housing Association where available) Minutes and select any paragraphs that we think may be of some interest to our clients. You select what areas and topics you want to be shown.



Company / Competitor Search

Housingnet is a resource of information and a very big one at that. We listen to our clients requests and build the software tools and functionality they ask for.

The Company / Competitor database can be searched by company name or keyword. If you’re looking at a competitor then we will show you every instance of that company name appearing in a High or Low Contract, a Local Authority Contract Register or on an Expenditure sheet. You can also do the same with keywords such as ‘new build’, ‘ground source heat pump’, or ‘DHS’.

The Company / Competitor Search forms part of the Data Bank.


Click here for a video on the Company / Competitor Search



Financial Return data is added for the largest 400 Housing Associations and their subsidiaries. The Global Accounts data is added for any remaining HAs when it is released.




We use multiple metrics relating to Repairs & Maintenance to enable our clients to get a complete overview of each organisation.


The metrics can be matched to a timeline of data to understand any peaks or troughs in the graphs.



Housing Stock

Our mapping projects are extensive and we have been working on them since 2007. We map all Social Housing Stock in the UK using Land Registry Data that we have spent years cleaning.

Click here to read our Universal Map Blog.

Click here to view an unlocked ‘Housing’ page to see what other housing data we collect.



New Business : Stock Overlay

‘New Business’ is an example of what happens when a client asks us to carry out a certain task. The task was

  1.  To show the stock they were currently contracted to work on.
  2.  Include their office locations and add makers to show contracts that they were working on
  3. Select up to 3 Housing Associations and plot their housing stock
  4. And lastly, to overlay that with store locations from a number of different building material suppliers




For a list of features of the Housingnet Premium Licence go here or view the Help file for more screen shots and information.

Please get in touch for a demo either online or in your office or just to ask a question.


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