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We were concerned that some clients were still checking tender emails each day from sources other than Housingnet. You don’t need to do this as we have a team of six doing that for you and we spend a lot more time organising them. The system we have built will replace the daily Bulletin as email is not the best delivery method for this type of content. We hope you like what we’ve built and, as always, we welcome your feedback.

Get started with the new BIOD system

settingx30 Settings – There are four ‘Settings’ panels –

  • Current Tenders – select Regions and Trades
  • Contract Award Notices – select Regions and Trades
  • Minutes – select Regions and Topics
  • News – select Regions and News Categories

Click on the settings icon in each section to save your choices. The selections that you make here will be reflected on all ‘contract’ searches throughout the site.

table-icon-biod Select the table icon to link to the main Current Tenders and Contract Award Tables
ct-rnm-biod-grid2 Tenders and Contracts in a darker font are the latest to be posted.
view-more-biod ‘View More’ will take you to the respective table to view older Tenders, Contracts and Minutes
minutes-settings-biod Local Authority, and sometimes Housing Association, Minutes can make for very useful insights. We search all Minutes looking for information we think might be relevant to you.
mobile-biod BIOD works on your mobile as well. Revisit this old blog post to see how to add a Housingnet icon to your mobile home screen and here to learn more about the mobile version.

Welcome to BIOD from Housingnet

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