Bid Management

To attach notes to contracts of interest please follow these steps:

1. Contracts can be added to the ‘Pinned Favourites’ (we’re changing this title to ‘Bid Management Index) list from the ‘Tenders & Contracts’ and ‘Expiring Contracts’ tables.



2. Click on the grey pin to add a contract to the Pinned Favourites table



3. In the Pinned Favourites table click on the Contract Title to open the notes.



4. Added contracts will appear in the ‘Bid Management’ tab on the relevant organisations details page.



5. Content such as Meeting Notes, Bid Information, SWOT and Pestle Analysis and In-House & External contacts can be attached to the record.



We will also be automatically attaching any future notices eg. PIN, Tender and CAN to these records so all the information can be accessed from one page.

All notes are private and cannot be viewed by anyone other than the users on your account.

The PrintOut sheets have also been updated and hopefully improved.

Please let us know if you have any questions, queries or suggestions as we appreciate your feedback.


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