August Update – Premium Users

Welcome to the August edition of the Housingnet Update.


Stop buying Tenders Direct (or any other tender service)!

If you still have a Tenders Direct, Contracts Advance or similar tender alert service please cancel it as our Business Intelligence On-Demand Service has been put to the test against them many times and we always come out top. They just can’t put the level of detail into the process that we can as they are servicing every sector and we specialise in Repairs, Maintenance, Construction & affiliated trades and services.


Building Types on Current Tenders

On the subject of BIOD we’ve added the ability to sort current tenders by building type.  If you’re insanely bored or need a BIOD walk-through I made a video of the BIOD settings process. There is also a previous Blog post about it.




These seem to be topical at the moment so just a reminder that you can print off (or Print to PDF) all the most relevant data we think you could use on each organisation. The Printout tab is at the far end of the row of tabs ie. Housing, Finance etc. on every organisations page.

Here is an example for Metropolitan


 We are the League!

The July League Tables are out.



Universal Map

We have a number of mapping projects on the go so we needed some way of combining everything hence the Universal Map. It ties together the housing and the contract map in an intuitive way. I use that term loosely as this is definitely a project we will be finessing for some time. What’s that I hear you cry? “Gaz make us another one of your great videos to showcase what an amazing map platform your team has built!” – OK you lucky people, here it is.


We are here to help in anyway we can.


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