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Housing Association Financial Data Comparison Analysis – 2018/2019

From 76 Financial Returns currently available.

The UK’s largest organisations working in Social Housing use LOCARLA for marketing, research, sales & leads.

Turnover – 2019 Turnover – 2018 Difference Change
£11,906.57M £11,628.86M £277.71M 2.39%
Operating Surplus – 2019 Operating Surplus – 2018 Difference Change
£3,455.77M £3,580.57M (£124.80M) (3.49)%
Repairs Satisfaction – 2019 Repairs Satisfaction – 2018 Difference Change
90.35% 90.74% (0.39)% (0.43)%
Operating Cost Per Home – 2019 Operating Cost Per Home – 2018 Difference Change
£4,016.39 £3,855.44 £160.95 4.17%
Average Days to Relet – 2019 Average Days to Relet – 2018 Difference Change
21.52 23.36 (1.83) (7.85)%
Repairs & Maintenance Cost Per Home – 2019 Repairs & Maintenance Cost Per Home – 2018 Difference Change
£1,181.65 £1,075.08 £106.47 9.90%
Management Cost Per Home – 2019 Management Cost Per Home – 2018 Difference Change
£1,134.84 £1,073.82 £61.03 5.68%
Responsive Repairs Service Cost Per Home – 2019 Responsive Repairs Service Cost Per Home – 2018 Difference Change
£742.35 £697.91 £44.44 6.37%
Routine R & M Expenditure – 2019 Routine R & M Expenditure – 2018 Difference Change
£1,105.65M £1,051.32M £54.33M 5.17%
Planned Maintenance Expenditure – 2019 Planned Maintenance Expenditure – 2018 Difference Change
£616.95M £531.50M £85.45M 16.08%
Improvement Works – 2019 Improvement Works – 2018 Difference Change
£1,495.88M £1,534.15M (£38.28M) (2.50)%
Void Losses – 2019 Void Losses – 2018 Difference Change
£90.46M £82.73M £7.73M 9.35%
Number of Employees – 2019 Number of Employees – 2018 Difference Change
66,567 66,101 466 0.70%
Wages – 2019 Wages – 2018 Difference Change
£2,039.18M £1,950.58M £88.60M 4.54%
Chief Executive pay – 2019 Chief Executive pay – 2018 Difference Change
£11.65M £11.70M (£0.04M) (0.38)%
Chief Executive pay per home – 2019 Chief Executive pay per home – 2018 Difference Change
£25.10 £25.15 (£0.05) (0.18)%

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Introducing LOCARLA

Locarla is business intelligence software for organisations working with, or in, Housing Associations and Local Authorities. We provide data on Housing, Marketing, Finance, Contracts and Planning & Development.

Our reputation has been built on supplying exceptional data and information since 1997 under our Housingnet brand. Clients also like our customer service too.

There are 3 main tables on Locarla;

  1. Companies – Detailed information on 3118 Housing Associations, Local Authorities & affiliated organisations, contractors & suppliers.
  2. People – 21,000 B2B sector wide contacts
  3. Contracts & Tenders – 42,000 active contracts and daily sales leads specific to the Built Environment.

And a Resources section containing Stock & Contract Mapping, Finance & Housing, Reports, News & Minutes, Planning Applications, Contract Registers, Expenditure Sheets and updated Repairs, Maintenance and Construction League Tables & Market Share Analysis.

Navigation Menus

Select options to filter results
Open the information panel by clicking on a company name
View all data by opening the side panel menu

Save multiple searches

Show / Hide and Move table data columns.

Checking the tick box will add further columns of information or hide columns that you don’t need.

Change the order of the columns by clicking and dragging the 4 dot icon up and down the list. The table will re-order when you hit Save.


Contracts & Tenders

The most accurate and comprehensive repairs, maintenance & construction sales leads in the UK.

Use the ‘Home’ icon to set your Home page search and the Star icon to use as your Daily Tender Alert content. We send Tenders, Contracts, Minutes and News in our Daily Bulletin.

Contract notices open in the right hand panel

Search the Contracts to see what your competitors are working on.

Or view contracts by organisation.


Universal Map

The Universal Map combines our Housing and Contracts Map to create a one stop shop for all our mapping projects.
Mapped Housing Stock
Stock by Local Authority & Ward
Brownfield, Green Belt & Flood Plain overlays
Organisations by Name or Location
Contracts Mapped
Contractors Mapped

Isolated Nottingham City Council housing stock in purple
Floodplain overlay selected showing homes falling in these areas in red
All other HA / LA homes in grey
Brownfield site overlay showing locations in brown.


Bulletin Settings on LOCARLA

To refine the contracts sent in the Bulletin please set up a search in LOCARLA and select it as your Bulletin content using the guide below.

If you don’t have time to do this send the Locations and the Trades you want to see on the Bulletin and we will set it up for you.

Minutes are still currently set up on Housingnet.

 Steps to set up your Daily Tenders and Contract Award Notices on the Bulletin.

  • 1. Go to LOCARLA and select your preferred options from ‘Location’ and ‘Trades & Services’.
  • 2. Click on the Save icon and give it a suitable title such as ‘Daily Bulletin’.
  • 3. In the title drop down list you will see your saved search with a star icon next to it. Select the ‘Star’ and confirm the pop-up.
  • 4. The following day you will start receiving the Bulletin with your preferences. Only the latest Tenders and CANs will be sent each day.

If you get stuck let us know what your preferences are and we will set it up for you. helpdesk@locarla.com

HousingNet Top 20 Clients and Contractors League Tables – July 2019

United Living, Engie and Wates Living Space secure the top 3 places in this month’s league after winning Clarion’s long term major works contract.

Engie is clearly chasing the social housing sector’s repairs & maintenance business, with a sack full of 15 contract wins signed with a combined value of £959M in the past year.

Housingnet’s exclusive contract analysis from Aug 2018 to July 2019 reveals that a total of 946 contracts were awarded worth £4.95bn.

Top 20 Contractors – July 2019
Based on the Award published date.
Rank Contractor Deals Value (£M)
1 United Living 1 512.88
2 Engie Regeneration (Keepmoat) 2 312.22
3 Wates Living Space 2 302.03
4 Brenwards Ltd 1 150.00
5 MD Building Services 1 32.50
6 MCP Property Services Ltd 1 21.41
7 Gilmartins Ltd. 2 18.17
8 Swale Heating 2 14.33
9 Watret & Co Ltd 1 13.83
9 BSW Heating Ltd 1 13.83
9 Liberty Group 1 13.83
10 IDM Doors Ltd 2 10.64
11 TSG Building Services plc 2 10.63
12 Steel Davis Ltd 1 6.84
13 J&P Windows Ltd 3 3.35
14 Woodland Property Services Ltd 2 3.28
15 Wall Lag Wales 1 3.20
16 RFM Facilities and Interiors Ltd 1 2.72
17 M&Y Maintenance and Construction 1 2.66
18 B M Services 1 2.50
19 Axis Europe Plc 1 2.03
19 Bryant Electrical (Midlands) Ltd 1 2.03
19 VINCI Construction UK Ltd 1 2.03
19 Novus Property Solutions Ltd 1 2.03
20 TCL Group (Topcoat Construction Ltd) 1 1.82
Top 20 Contractors – Aug 2018 to July 2019
Based on the Award published date.
Rank Contractor Deals Value (£M)
1 Engie Regeneration (Keepmoat) 15 959.13
2 United Living 3 513.88
3 Wates Living Space 7 318.05
4 Morgan Sindall Property Services 3 302.08
5 Fortem Solutions Limited 6 300.81
6 MPS (previously known as Mitie) 7 249.67
7 Mears Limited 10 247.04
8 Axis Europe Plc 8 195.26
9 Brenwards Ltd 1 150.00
10 Ian Williams 4 79.63
11 ChasWest 1 73.00
12 Sure Group 6 70.93
13 Liberty Group 10 65.79
14 Penny Lane Builders Limited 2 65.38
15 DW Support Services 3 56.60
16 MD Building Services 5 52.87
17 British Gas Social Housing Ltd trading as PH Jones 9 50.56
18 Gilmartins Ltd. 9 49.74
19 Breyer Group plc 3 47.40
20 Procast Building Contractors Ltd 1 40.00
Top 20 Clients – July 2019
Based on the Award published date.
Rank Housing Organisation Deals Value (£M)
1 Clarion Housing Group 3 1,122.60
2 West Kent Housing Association 1 150
3 Notting Hill Genesis 4 55.31
4 Ealing Council 4 41.41
5 Homes in Sedgemoor 1 32.50
6 Wales & West Housing Association Ltd. 5 17.15
7 Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council 6 12.16
8 Habinteg Housing Association Ltd. 2 9.56
9 Peabody Trust 1 9.04
10 City of York Council 2 5.00
11 Prima Group 1 2.66
12 Fife Housing Association 2 2.63
13 Thrive Homes Ltd. 1 1.59
14 Midland Heart 1 1.25
15 Northern Ireland Housing Executive 2 1.14
16 Salvation Army Housing Association (SAHA) 1 1.10
17 South Ayrshire Council 1 0.91
18 Caledonia Housing Association Ltd 1 0.90
19 Corserv Limited 3 0.83
20 Clackmannanshire Council 1 0.83
Top 20 Clients – Aug 2018 to July 2019
Based on the Award published date.
Rank Housing Organisation Deals Value (£M)
1 Clarion Housing Group 3 1122.60
2 Catalyst Housing Limited 3 210.00
2 Anchor Trust 2 210.00
3 Home Group 1 200.00
4 Central Bedfordshire Council 2 187.50
5 Waltham Forest London Borough 1 184.08
6 Onward Homes Ltd. 5 179.75
7 Anchor Hanover Group 4 160.00
8 West Kent Housing Association 1 150.00
8 Octavia Housing 1 150.00
9 Equity Housing Group Ltd. and Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust Ltd. 1 119.72
10 St. Albans City Council 3 100.46
11 Brentwood Borough Council 1 79.50
12 East Devon District Council 3 74.26
13 Stonewater Ltd 2 73.50
14 Habinteg Housing Association Ltd. 14 62.38
15 Places for People Group – The 1 60.00
16 Notting Hill Genesis 4 55.31
17 Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council 11 55.23
18 SLH Group 1 53.50
19 Optivo 5 50.59
20 Ealing Council 7 43.41

Click here to find out more about what we provide and please get in touch if you think we can help or have any questions to ask.

LOCARLA: Contract Table

For all Company, People and Contract searches please move on to the LOCARLA system as it is by far the best way to sort, search and access the data. Try this and you’ll never go back …

Daily Tenders

1. Select ‘Tenders’ from Contract Type, then filter the records based on your requirements.
2. Select a ‘top level’ category to include all results or refine further by selecting specific trades and services.
3. Selected options for each table are displayed and can be edited or deleted. Each search can be saved and will update automatically as new tenders are added each day.
4. The more options you select the more refined your results will be.
5. Tenders are updated every day and tender alerts are sent by email based upon the selections you make.


Competitor Analysis

1. Select ‘Contract Awards’ (or you can just type your keyword).
2. Type a company name or any keyword eg. roofing, boilers, schools
3. All records matching your description will be displayed. For multiple winners hover over the name displayed to see all companies awarded the work.


Pipeline / Expiring Contracts

1. To view contracts expiring within a time frame select the range from ‘Expiring in …’ from the Select Options menu.
2. This search filter is showing all current ‘R&M’ contracts in the North West and North East of England in the Housing and Education sector expiring between 1 and 3 years time.


Table Menu

1. Once you have saved a table it can be accessed from the title drop down by clicking on the arrow.
2. Selecting the ‘house’ icon will make that search the homepage so will open by default whenever you visit the Contract section.


We are continuously working on LOCARLA and release a new update version each Friday and will do until we complete the project.

LOCARLA: Company Table

If you have a ‘paid for’ or ‘free licence’ to Housingnet you need to be using LOCARLA to access Company data. Our clients who have moved across have not looked back.

1. Refine the records in the table using the ‘Select Options’ menu
2. Selected Options can be viewed, edited and deleted.
3. The more you refine the options the less records will be displayed
4. Sort records in alpha or numerical order by clicking on the header title
5. Search in the selected records by name or refresh the table and search all records.

1. Sort stock high to low
2.  Select a Company Name to view details
3. Side panel data
4. Menu items are available based on licence permissions

Already signed in to Housingnet – click here to visit LOCARLA

Only ‘double opted-in’ free licence people can access LOCARLA. Update your settings after sign in.

If you work for a Housing Association or Local Authority you can register for free.

Any questions, please ask – hello@locarla.com

Housingnet is changing.

LOCARLA is a new system we have been working on which totally changes the way we deliver information to our clients. Built around our core data sets – ‘Companies, People & Contracts’, LOCARLA can be loosely described as a ‘populated CRM’ for the Housing sector.

Since 1997 we have been delivering data predominantly related to housing,  but with the addition of Contract and Business Intelligence data we now cover Housing, Education, Health, Commercial, Government & Garages/Parking – hence, we are also changing our name.

We are not removing anything that currently appears on Housingnet. We have just figured out a way of displaying it in a more user friendly way.

This new system will also enable us to deliver an API service allowing clients to connect our data to their software, such as Salesforce or MS Dynamics. The code we have used to build LOCARLA and its design allows us the flexibility to bolt on other functionality including CRM and Bid Management tools.

The LOCARLA system is based around a central ‘spreadsheet’ of records which can be filtered and then saved. Panels of data are used to explore more detailed information on each housing association, local authority, contractor and supplier.

Active Premium Users can view the LOCARLA project here if you are signed in to Housingnet.



Each ‘Company Name’ is linked to the side panel where we display information relating to each organisation including; Housing, Finance, Contracts, Stock & Contract Mapping.



The tables can be organised by adding and removing data columns and by changing the order of the columns by drag and drop in the Edit Table window.



To filter the table records select the data you want to include from the filter options menu. Checking each box will remove all other records and every search can be saved.

Example searches:
Companies – Housing Associations in Bedfordshire with over 5000 units in management that have Central Heating contracts due to expire next year.

Contracts Table – New tenders in the Housing Sector relating to roofing contracts in the South West of England.



Every saved Contract search builds a Dashboard giving you easy access to an overview of relevant information and the ability to see what your colleagues are working on.



Housingnet is not going anywhere for a while. We will be running both sites in tandem until all the content has been moved across and the functionality completed.

For a single user our Premium Licence to access all our services is £4950 as an annual cost with additional user licences available for £480 pa. You can also pay monthly by direct debit for £475.

The Commercial Licence for ‘Company’ and ‘People’ data which includes stock mapping and development data costs £1150 for a single user and £50 for each additional user.

VAT excluded.

If you would like an on-line demo or a chat about how we can save your company time, money and steal a march on the competition, please get in touch:

Email us at hello@locarla.com or call 0208 772 6426


Delivering Accurate Tenders, Contract Awards & Pipeline Data


Tender Alert Service

Where we differ from other Tender & Contract portals is although we Hoover up 100s of public sector tenders everyday we concentrate on the ‘Built Environment’.  We strip each tender of information as we add them to Housingnet. Our clients save time by relying on us to find the relevant Tenders for them based on the selections they have made. We have been benchmarked against Tenders Direct, B2B and Contracts Advance and we are first out with the Tenders and don’t miss any so you can feel confident that you’re seeing every opportunity.

Daily Tenders are sent to clients by email – view an example here and can be accessed through our Business Intelligence On-Demand service or the Current Tenders table.

We check the scope and description of each tender and assign primary and secondary ‘Trades’ rather than use CPV codes as we find them inaccurate. Organising tenders in this way means we can show clients tenders that might be of interest even when they don’t appear so at first glance.



Expiring Contracts & Pipeline Analysis

Our clients want to know when a contract is due to expire, who is currently doing the work, how is the contractor performing and if the contract was extended or looks like it will be extended.
If there is no Contract Award Notice published, which happens a lot, we do the research so we can still answer their questions.

We have an Expiring Contracts table where you can select to view contracts expiring within a time frame that match your areas of interest.
Every Housing Association and Local Authority has a page which lists all the contractors and suppliers working for them along with the contract details.
As well as our Current Tender table, Contract Award table and Expiring Contracts there is a master contract database with over 100,000 tenders, Awards and PIN notices which can be searched in multiple ways for research purposes.




We also produce Pipeline Analysis reports for each region which detail:

  • Contracts Expiring with 1,3 and 5 year time frames
  • Market Share Analysis
  • Average Maintenance costs
  • Clients in the region procuring services
  • Contractors winning the work in the previous 1, 3 and 5 years




Contracts by Organisation

Every Housing Association and Local Authority has a page of information listing current and recent Tenders, all live current contracts (that we know about) and any Frameworks they are running or are involved in. You can see a live example page here.





Frameworks are just as important to us as standard contracts but they are harder to deal with. We split them up to show you which HA/LA specific Frameworks the organisations have and which Consortium Frameworks they are signed up to.

When we can confirm which contractors have been called off the Framework we move it in to the ‘Current Contracts’ section so it can be clearly seen who is doing what for whom.

You can view an example of the Framework tables at the bottom of the linked page.




Minutes also form part of our Tender Alert Service and ‘BIOD‘ and give early insight to upcoming tenders, problems with contracts, new build spending and planning and any other interesting information we can find. We look at all Local Authority (and Housing Association where available) Minutes and select any paragraphs that we think may be of some interest to our clients. You select what areas and topics you want to be shown.



Company / Competitor Search

Housingnet is a resource of information and a very big one at that. We listen to our clients requests and build the software tools and functionality they ask for.

The Company / Competitor database can be searched by company name or keyword. If you’re looking at a competitor then we will show you every instance of that company name appearing in a High or Low Contract, a Local Authority Contract Register or on an Expenditure sheet. You can also do the same with keywords such as ‘new build’, ‘ground source heat pump’, or ‘DHS’.

The Company / Competitor Search forms part of the Data Bank.


Click here for a video on the Company / Competitor Search



Financial Return data is added for the largest 400 Housing Associations and their subsidiaries. The Global Accounts data is added for any remaining HAs when it is released.




We use multiple metrics relating to Repairs & Maintenance to enable our clients to get a complete overview of each organisation.


The metrics can be matched to a timeline of data to understand any peaks or troughs in the graphs.



Housing Stock

Our mapping projects are extensive and we have been working on them since 2007. We map all Social Housing Stock in the UK using Land Registry Data that we have spent years cleaning.

Click here to read our Universal Map Blog.

Click here to view an unlocked ‘Housing’ page to see what other housing data we collect.



New Business : Stock Overlay

‘New Business’ is an example of what happens when a client asks us to carry out a certain task. The task was

  1.  To show the stock they were currently contracted to work on.
  2.  Include their office locations and add makers to show contracts that they were working on
  3. Select up to 3 Housing Associations and plot their housing stock
  4. And lastly, to overlay that with store locations from a number of different building material suppliers




For a list of features of the Housingnet Premium Licence go here or view the Help file for more screen shots and information.

Please get in touch for a demo either online or in your office or just to ask a question.


Construction & Planning


Mapping Brownfield Sites

The Strategic Housing Register forms part of the Local Plan and details all areas that could be potential, or actual, sites for housing development. Prior to this release the most recent data was from 2011. We have plotted 7874 sites from 164 Local Authorities on to our Universal Map with further details opening in the left panel on clicking the map marker.




Land Registry Titles

We worked with Land Registry in the initial release of the Corporate Data Set of Titles. The problem with Social stock was that most of it had never been sold so the original title was submitted to the old paper system. This meant that we had to clean the data to deal with spelling mistakes of owner names, name changes, stock transfers and titles that had not been updated or submitted incorrectly. The master database contains 12.7 M titles and we use this information to plot stock on the maps but it is also useful when tracking owners of sites both public and commercial.



Planning Applications

Everything we do we do in detail. We’re not just feeding records in to the system, we strip them of data first so we can monitor and measure more effectively. We collect Planning Applications for the largest 10 cities in the UK looking specifically for Residential New Build, Conversions and Office to Residential applications. We’re happy to collect applications from other areas on request.


As we look at each application in detail we are able to build very accurate reports on the data we collect and compile these in to tables and carry out further analysis depending on the tasks we are set by our clients.



Delivering Accurate Tenders, Contract Awards & Pipeline Data

Where we differ from other Tender & Contract portals is although we Hoover up 100s of public sector tenders everyday we concentrate on the ‘Built Environment’ and strip them of information as they are added to Housingnet. Our clients save time by relying on us to find the relevant Tenders for them based on the selections they have made. We have been benchmarked against Tenders Direct, B2B and Contracts Advance and we are first out with the Tenders and never miss any. Daily Tenders are sent to clients by email – view an example here and can be accessed through our Business Intelligence On-Demand service.




Minutes also form part of ‘BIOD’ and give early insight to upcoming tenders, problems with contracts, new build spending and planning and any other interesting information we can find. We look at all Local Authority (and Housing Association where available) Minutes and select any paragraphs that we think may be of some interest to our clients. You select what areas and topics you want to be shown.



Data Collection

There is no secret to how we collect data, the office is split in to data teams covering Contracts, News, Reports and Finance and this development and pipeline data is stripped out of Annual Reports, the Statistical Data Return, News and from the organisations website and literature. View a sample of the data.


Mapped Stock

Read the Blog post on our Universal Map project which uses multiple data sets to map UK Social Housing and Contract information.

3. Property Data Details - Hover over the purple markers to view title information and click for Street View (Part 1)


League Tables & Market Share Analysis

Looking at the data in detail enables us to produce accurate analysis on the contractors and clients working in the sector.



The Data Bank

We produce dynamic sheets of data that update in real time as we add new information. The sheets are used for benchmarking, finding ‘best fit’ target clients and competitor analysis.


We offer free access to parts of Housingnet to Housing Association and Local Authority employees and sell two types of commercial licenses. Click here to learn more about what we provide and please get in touch if you think we can help or have any questions to ask.

September Update – Premium Users

A quick round-up of Housingnet activity over the past month.

Banners again

I bang on all the time about banners and I don’t really get why some people don’t send them in. We are now also showing your banners on Housingnet to our HA & LA users – over 2000 have subscribed so far. On average each banner was being shown 455 times last month on the website alone.
The banner dimensions for web and mobile are:
660 x 150px
300 x 250px

They look like this on Housingnet News




Universal Map

Universal Map – New Business This has been awhile coming but it’s finally launched. ‘New Business’ is a new section on the Universal Map which enables clients to display the stock they are contracted to work on shown as a heatmap and then the ability to add the stock markers of up to 3 further Housing Organisations so you can see if you are already working in their area. You can then overlay this data with store locations of the main materials suppliers such as Jewson and Travis Perkins.

But let’s start with something simpler, a client asked this yesterday …..

I need a map of a prospective clients stock and want to show our office locations

Open the map

Select ‘New Business’



Open Select Contractor and search for your company. – This will load the map with the stock owned by the organisations you work with and the contracts we have you working on.

You can turn off ‘Contract Markers’ and ‘Heatmap in the Select Map Feature section.


Now search for up to 3 organisations to display their stock on the map.

If we don’t have all your area offices please send them.

View a Blog on all the Universal Map features here.


Tender Alert Email

You hopefully noticed that we started sending out the daily tenders by email again today. We want you to use BIOD as this is a better system but realise that some of you are still using Tenders Direct and we need to stop this as it’s wasted money.

The new ‘Bulletin’ has Tenders, CANs, Minutes and News and although this week we are sending everything out each day we are moving our email server so we can send information based on your settings in the very near future.





You might have noticed we have changed the search results section so you can link to the relevant page quicker. The ‘Name’ will take you to the ‘Overview’ and the icons open ‘Housing, Finance, Stock Map, News, Tenders & Contracts, Analysis Graphs and the PrintOut.



League Tables


View League Tables


Planning Stats – Top 10 Cities


Download the full table