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Housing Association Marketing Data / Mailing Lists

We have been collecting and selling Housing Association marketing data since 1997 and we update our data every weekday not once or twice a year. There are currently 2,418 Social Housing Organisations on our database and we aim to update the top 1250 every 3 months. Organisations with less than 50 homes are checked once a year and everything else every 6 months. We collect contact name and job title information for the following departments and currently have 14,636 individual Senior Manager details on the database.Business Executives, Finance and Procurement Managers, Property Fabric and Development Managers, Communications and IT Managers, Customer Services Managers, HR Managers, Legal & Chair
Register for Access

Register for Access

Unlimited access to all our data on and offline for 1 year costs £450 for a single user and £550 for multiple users. Prices are exclusive of VAT. We also offer a selection of lists, priced at £150 (Ex. VAT).
Unlock Data

Unlock Data

An Unlimited licence will unlock all the data we hold on Housingnet both in the raw data section of the site but more usefully in mapped data.


Any data can be exported from the map searches or from the Export Panel once you are logged on with an Unlimited licence.

Data we collect ....

  • Contact Name & Job Title
    Company Name
    HA Type e.g. Letting / Sale & Lease
    HA Relationship e.g. Parent
    Address Details
    Local Authority Area
  • Phone & Fax
    Web Address
    General Email Address
  • Total Stock Owned / Managed
    (General Needs, Affordable /
    Intermediate Rent, Supported
    Housing, Care Homes, Housing for
    Older People, Shared Ownership)
    Total Group Stock
    Stock by Local Authority Area
  • Number of Employees
    Number of Governors
    Financial Information
    - Solicitor
    - Auditor
    - Turnover
  • Housing Organisations
    - Not for Profit
    - Registered Providers - For Profit
    - Housing Consortiums
    - Local Authorities
    - Contractors
    - Commercial subsidiaries
Further Information

Map it!

All Housingnet data has been overlayed on to Google Maps View Housing Data on Map

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