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New Housing Development at Gwynfryn, Ammanford

Sunday 10th February 2008
Grŵp Gwalia Cyf has formed a partnership with Carmarthen County Council which will see the development of 106 new homes in Ammanford. The development will consist of 18 one and two bedroom flats and 88 two and three bedroom houses and is located north of the existing Gwynfryn Local Authority development Rhodfa Frank, opposite Coleg Sir Gar.

The development forms part of an initiative by Carmarthenshire County Council to improve local housing and develop affordable homes for first time buyers in the Carmarthenshire area who are unable to meet the current market prices. As part of the alliance, the council has provided the land at no cost and Gwalia aims to sell the new homes at the cost of the build. It is hoped that this will mean a cost of around £65,000 to £80,000.

The design of the development has been planned using the Secured by Design initiative, a crime prevention scheme aimed at reducing the opportunities for crime and criminal damage in an area through creative design, removing unlit or hidden areas and developing natural surveillance alongside routes that are easily observable, making the layout a major contributor to both the prevention of crime and reducing the fear of crime. The initiative supports the development of quality homes in secure communities, where people can live and work.

Gwynfryn has also been developed with an accessible and socially friendly design aspect which reflects the existing architecture, blending in with the current character and existing natural environment of the site. The design also gives pedestrians overall priority, with the objective of slowing the traffic to 20mph.

Following an initial meeting in January with people from the local area, representatives from the council and PCKO Architects, the new design plans have taken the concerns raised into account. The redesign includes changes to parking for the site and now offers 135 spaces, orientated to reduce headlight glare into neighbouring properties and arranged to create natural surveillance and security.

The building time and costs will also be substantially reduced through an off-site manufacturing process conforming to MMC (Modern Methods of Construction). Each house can then be put up on a one day per house basis, thereby reducing construction time, noise, pollution and construction traffic and their impacts on the existing development and its community. Each dwelling has also been designed to achieve a set of best practise standards in energy, water, waste and other areas of sustainability. It is hoped that the finished development will gain an EcoHomes rating of 'Very Good' or 'Excellent', placing it above the current required standard for Building Regulations.

Other features of the development will include the use of materials with low environmental impact, locally sourced materials where appropriate and the inclusion of a water management strategy through the minimisation and recycling of water. Gwalia is currently about to apply for planning permission for the development which will include further resident liaison as it develops.
Posted by Housingnet Admin for Group Gwalia Cyf

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