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Cottsway Housing Association Ltd.

Type :  Parent  /  Stock Transfer  / #  L4312
Cottsway House
Heynes Place
Avenue Two
OX28 4YG

Phone:  0800 876 6366
Fax: 01993 890 005
Local Authority: West Oxfordshire District Council
Cottsway Housing Association Ltd, formerly West Oxfordshire Housing, was formed for the specific purpose of receiving the transfer of West Oxfordshire District Council’s housing stock. The transfer took place on 26th March 2001, following a successful ballot of the Council’s tenants and the approval of the Secretary of State.

We are the largest local Registered Social Landlord (RSL) operating within the West Oxfordshire District. We manage over 3,600 homes comprising 2,891 general needs houses and bungalows, 470 flats and maisonettes and 249 sheltered units. We also provide services to 111 leaseholders and 17 part owners in our shared ownership schemes.

As a dynamic and progressive company, we are very clear about our aims, objectives and aspirations for the future. In particular, we are committed to providing an efficient and effective housing service that meets our customers’ needs. An integral part of this is developing and maintaining quality homes and sustainable communities where people choose and want to live, which are attractive, well maintained, safe and free from crime.

Cottsway has an annual budget of £14 million and a target development programme to build or acquire an average of 140 homes per year.

We are based in the market town of Witney, from where our housing, building and development services are provided to tenants and customers located throughout the District of West Oxfordshire.
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  Witney Mills Housing Society Ltd.
  Sovereign Development Consortium (SDC)  
  PlaceShapers Ltd  
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£1.7m eco-friendly housing scheme for Cottsw... (13/05/2013)
Gloucester-based Markey Construction has started work on a £1.7 million eco-friendly housing scheme.
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Cottsway Housing Association Ltd.
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