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Aster Group

Type :  Parent  /  Stock Transfer  / #  L4393
Sarsen Court
Horton Avenue
Cannings Hill
SN10 2AZ

Phone:  01380 726 001
Fax: 01380 735 400
Local Authority: Wiltshire County Council
At Aster we’re passionate and proud to serve over 75,000 customers across central southern and south west England.

We do this by building affordable houses to buy or rent, providing care for the vulnerable or elderly, and by maintaining or repairing homes.

Customers are at the heart of everything we do.

And we’re always looking to transform the way we work to offer better services, extra value for money and more customer involvement.

With assets exceeding £1 billion, a turnover of £145 million, over 1,500 staff and more than 27,000 homes, we’re in a strong position to support local people.

So through our work we can build stronger communities…places customers now and in the future can enjoy and be proud to love and work.
 Latest News:
 Landlords brace for rise in court possession fees (17/04/2014)
 Over £1bn for Trowers & Hamlins' Property Charging team (07/03/2014)
 Repairs teams come to the aid of storm-hit UK (10/01/2014)
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Group Structure 
  Aster Communities
  Aster Homes Ltd
  Aster Living
  Aster Property Ltd
  Synergy Housing Ltd
  WestWorks Procurement Ltd.  
  Carbon Saving Alliance  
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Landlords brace for rise in court possession fees (17/04/2014)
Sector faces annual £265,000 hit due to 150 per cent increase in costs.
Over £1bn for Trowers & Hamlins' Property Cha... (07/03/2014)
Law firm Trowers & Hamlins announced Thursday that its national Property Charging team has successfully charged more than £1 billion of...
Aster achieves low price for £250m bond (20/12/2013)
Aster Group became the latest housing association to strike a low price for a bond issue when it tapped the capital markets to the tune of £...
Social landlord strikes low price for £250m bond deal (12/12/2013)
Aster Group became the latest housing association to strike a low price for its bond issue when it launched a £250 million deal yesterday.
Green Deal registrations open as £7m start-up cash ann... (08/08/2012)
A £7m loan from the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) will allow new Green Deal providers to access cash - through a not-for-...
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Repairs teams come to the aid of storm-hit UK (10/01/2014)
Social landlords across the UK have been battling to protect homes and tenants from the extreme weather over the past few weeks.
Video: Private developer builds affordable homes i... (24/01/2013)
In what is thought to be one of the first schemes of its kind, a private developer in Dorset has now stepped in to help make up the shortfall.
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Aster Group
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