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Arhag Housing Association Ltd.

Type :  Parent  /  Letting/Hostel  / #  LH3811
Mary Brancker House
Unit B, Ground Floor
54-74 Holmes Road
Kentish Town
Greater London

Phone:  020 7424 7370
Fax: 020 7267 6200
Local Authority: Camden London Borough
ARHAG was founded in 1979 to respond to an urgent need for housing and support amongst Britain’s fast growing refugee and migrant communities. From the outset, refugees and migrants themselves have been active in shaping and developing the organisation.

By 1981 ARHAG was housing its first tenants in short-life properties before referring them on to permanent homes with local authorities and other housing associations. As partnerships with local authority partners evolved, ARHAG began to build and mange its own homes. In the early years, the majority of refugees and migrants ARHAG helped were from Africa, but as needs have changed, so have the communities we work with.

In addition to refugees and migrants from Africa, ARHAG now houses people from the Indian sub-continent, central and Latin America, the middle east and Asia. Our housing stock has grown too. We now own and manage in excess of 700 homes across 13 London boroughs, including one supported housing scheme for people with learning difficulties.
 Latest News:
 HCA makes new appointments to diversity board (23/04/2013)
 Former refugee families get major housing boost from Arhag (31/05/2012)
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Arhag Housing Association Ltd.
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