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Chelmsford Borough Council

Civic Centre
Duke Street
DX: 123305 Chelmsford 7
Phone: 01245 606 606
Fax: 01245 606 693
Web: Opens in a new window  http://www.chelmsfordbc.gov.uk
Email: mailbox [at] chelmsfordbc.gov.uk
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 Council receives Final Government Inspector's report (26/02/2008)
 Council's Planning Service - Best in Essex (26/02/2008)
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Chelmsford, County Town of Essex for almost 750 years, has a long and proud history that traces back to Roman Times and beyond. With its surrounding rural area, the Borough has a population of almost 156,000, which will makes it one of the largest non-unitary authorities in England following the local government reorganisation.

Since the 12th century, Chelmsford has been the focus of the surrounding area as the market and assize town. However, its present strength and vitality has been built since the 1840s when the coming of the railway led to a sharp rise in population and industry. Today, the Borough continues to grow, and its location within 35 minutes of central London by rail and within 75 minutes drive of six international airports makes it an ideal location for business.

Chelmsford is one of the major employment centres in Essex and, although historically industrial, has a very attractive environment.
The Borough Council works extremely closely with the local business and retail community and is pursing a number of joint initiatives to continue the revitalisation of the local economy - badly hit by the effects of the "peace dividend". Not surprisingly, economic development is a key function of the Borough Council, and the Council is a major supporter of the Chelmsford Enterprise Agency - a highly successful service for business advice training and support.